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Professional Overview

Stefania Miravalle

Since July 2012, I have been working in Research & Innovation department in a multinational company, specializing in logistics and industrial wood packaging.
My duties include structural package design, which must hold many tons with the minimum use of materials and the best performance in terms of hydrothermal conditions, to guarantee content preservation. Also, I am studying a method to make product optimization systematic: through a factory business analysis, my team is working to implement new wood-packaging design software.

During my experience as a Building Engineer I have had the opportunity to work closely with the project manager to program the presentation of products to clients in an efficient, carefully monitored and precise time frame. I have been involved in preparing drawings, plans, designs and documentation for construction work both free-hand and using AutoCAD. Furthermore, close contact has always been maintained between the company and construction staff.

Due to my working environment, helpful management and co-workers, I am able to identify, analyze and solve technical problems, paying careful attention to accurate, detailed work, and feel comfortable receiving guidance from support staff. I thrive in a fast and demanding environment that is constantly changing, and I am constantly in search of new challenges.

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Skills, Languages & Certificates

Italian - Native speaker.
Spanish - Advanced. DELE nivel avanzado C1 score 80/100.
English - Advanced. IELTS score 7. (2012 Business English Language Course at ELSIS School, Sydney).
GMAT - Score 550 (42Q, 24V, 3.5 AWA).

Autocad & Revit Architecture


Sap2000 & Cubus Pack

Structural programs

Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Microsoft Office

Photoshop & InDesign

Adobe Software


Adobe Software


Adobe Software

Work Experience

2012 – 2014

Process Engineer, Logistics and Industrial Packaging. Innovative packaging process and design for GE, FCA, Agusta Westland, Cameron, Comau.

BCUBE SpA (ex Gruppo Argol Villanova)

• Managed new packaging design software implementation in Italy, France and China..
• Analyzed and improved packaging process for packaging design software, including optimized structural calculation.
• Analyzed company production to standardize design and production procedure on WCL principles and methods.

2010 – 2011

Structural Engineer and Project Manager Assistant

Fhecor, Engineering and Consulting – Spain Intesa Sanpaolo Tower, Turin. Architecture: Renzo Piano.

• Calculation of structures including use of finite elements models analysis.
• Use of computers to prepare detailed drawings, plans, designs and documentation.
• Maintained close contact with companies and construction staff.


Building Engineer and Project Manager Assistant- Internship

Intertecno, Engineering and Project Management – Italy. H2C Business Hotel, Milan. Architecture: Erick van Egeraat.

• Involvement in Office Health and Safety.
• Assisted the coordinator with maintaining, following up OHS practices and procedures.
• Prepared layout plans for future implementation.

Education & Training


Master’s degree in Building Engineering

Final score 110/110.

Politecnico di Torino, Italy.


Erasmus Project - Student Interchange

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Civil Engineering, Spain.


Bachelor of Science degree in Building Engineering

Final score 110/110.

Politecnico di Torino, Italy.


Scientific High School diploma

Final score 100/100.

Cesare Balbo in Casale Monferrato, Italy.



• 2010-2011 Study grant for final project off-site from Politecnico di Torino.
• 2009-2010 Erasmus grant, student interchange, from by Politecnico di Torino.
• 2006-2011 University tax reduction for academic merit, from Politecnico di Torino.
• 2001-2010 Study grant “Mario Negri” of Manageritalia Association, Milan. Publication: article “The Architect Carlo Ceppi’s Villas in Valenza” December 2009 “Valensa d’na vota”. By Novografica, Valenza.

THESIS: Intesa-SanPaolo Tower

Renzo Piano's Intesa-SanPaolo Tower in Turin: structural design and megacolumns calculation

Project Name: Renzo Piano's Intesa-SanPaolo Tower in Turin: structural design and megacolumns calculation.
Exam: Master Degree Final Project.
Professor: Bernardino Chiaia, Hugo Corres Peiretti.
Work team: Stefania Miravalle.
Date: April 2011.
Place: Madrid.

"The challenge is to create a building that renders what takes: space, light, landscape. The facades of glass will reflect colors, the environment, light and atmosphere of the city. But there are much more concrete things: in the first six floors, as well as the atrium, there is an auditorium with 400 seats. On top, there will be three floors with a greenhouse, a room for art exhibitions, a restaurant, and an open panoramic viewpoint. In a nutshell, spaces that are public must remain such. The 166 meters of the tower, one less than the Mole Antonelliana, respect the ancient symbol of the city." Who better than the illustrious architect, Renzo Piano, could describe the architecture and the soul of this project?

The skeleton that allows its existence, however, has been designed by Fhecor, the company leader in Spain for structural consulting, whose president is the university professor Hugo Corres. The above-ground structures are characterized by a central reinforced concrete core, the "panoramic elevators", also in reinforced concrete, six steel megacolumns placed on the east and west fronts, connected by horizontal tubes and X-braced prestressed cable. The ordinary columns and the floor beams, complete the resistance system. A load transfer structure is located at Level 6. It can transfer to the megacolumns and to the concrete cores the tower load from level 7 upwards. This element consists of steel trusses and allows the freedom to use the necessary space for the hall (level 0) and a huge conference room, with related services areas, (levels 1 to 5) without any annoying columns in the middle.

Stefania Miravalle, under the careful guidance of Prof. Bernardino Chiaia, was responsible, in particular, for the megacolumns analysis and their resistance system, from its genesis in the workshop, to the assembly in the building site.

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